5 Tips to a smarter you

Have you ever stopped to think of ways to improve your intellect and concentration? Of course you have! This blog post lists 5 ways to help you become smarter:

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#1: Exercise
We all know the importance of exercise, but how can exercise help you become smarter? Exercise increases the blood flow to your brain. It also triggers your nerve cells to release brain healthy proteins called neurotrophic factors. The most beneficial protein is called brain derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF. BDNF is responsible for triggering other biological chemicals to release enhancing cognitive functions and learning.


#2: Vitamin B12

Do you experience mental fogginess and problems with your memory? You may have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiency is widespread and many people have trouble absorbing this nutrient properly from food sources. B12 is available naturally in food sources only from animals. However, there are great ways to supplement B12 without consuming animal products.


#3: Optimize your gut flora

What does your gut have to do with your mental capacity? Well, your gut is your “second brain”. Sounds weird but it’s true. The bacteria in your gut are an active and integrated part of your body. I’m sure you are aware of the importance of minimizing the amount of sugar you ingest and taking a high-quality probiotic in order to promote a healthy gut. Imbalances in your gut flora can negatively impact your brain function, psyche, and behavior.


#4: Omega 3 fats

We are all aware of the importance of omega 3 fats for our cardiovascular health. Did you know that omega 3 fats were also important in maintaining brain health? Approximately 60% of our brain is composed of fats. DHA a omega 3 fat is responsible for 25% of the fat required by the brain. DHA is essential to consume in your diet because your body cannot produce it. There are multiple ways to include DHA in your daily diet including eating foods such as salmon and nutriceutical supplementation.


#5: Vitamin D
Vitamin D plays a critical role in the function of nerve receptors in your brain. Low levels of Vitamin D in adults has been linked to poorer brain functioning. Replacing your Vitamin D levels can be achieved by the appropriate sun exposure and by high-quality nutraceutical products.



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